How to clean your bags?

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When did you clean your bag for the last time? Most people are probably waiting for the surface or the interior of their bag to be stained before cleaning it, but the truth is that very often, your bag may not be as clean as it looks . A study has shown that 95 % of bags that have not been cleaned for a long time have attached bacteria, which can live for hours. It is therefore essential to regularly clean your bag to reduce the risk of invasion by pathogens. But on the other hand, inadequate cleaning can damage your bag. So how to clean it correctly? Do not worry, we will show you tips to clean your bag using bagsmart bags as an example.
Soft and regular cleaning
It is important to regularly examine the surface of your bag to keep it in good condition. If you find spots, remove them quickly with a soft cloth to prevent stains from getting stuck, bacteria and smells from developing. We do not recommend using scented handkerchiefs, as you cannot know what chemicals come from perfumes and if they may damage your favorite bag.
In addition, we recommend that you adapt the frequency of your regular cleanings according to the frequency of use of your bags. For example, if you use the same bag every day, you should probably do this regular cleaning every week.
Here is the procedure to follow to carry out your regular cleaning: first, remove all the items from your bag, and if your bags are equipped with separators or removable elastic straps, remove them too. Then use a small vacuum cleaner to clean all the corners and corners of your bag, especially the corners where dust tends to accumulate. Also, don't forget to open the different compartments - these areas should also be cleaned. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, a soft bristle brush is a good alternative.
The big cleaning
We recommend that you give your bag a large cleaning every two months. But if there are odors and stains visible on the surface or inside your bag, a large cleaning is inevitable.
Before cleaning, you will also have to take out all your things and suck the leftovers of paper and dust.
Then you can use a soft and humid cloth to remove some of the dust and dirt stains that are easy to clean on the surface, while removing detachable compartments. Be sure to cut all the loose wires or fabric fibers around the zipper. This step will make it possible to ensure that the zipper is smooth and not obstructed once the backpack has been washed.

Then check the washing label of your bag. In order not to damage your bag, it is important to follow the instructions on the washing label (if it exists) when you wash it. Please note that certain chemical detergents and certain cleaning methods can damage the bag, for example by weakening its water resistance. In the absence of washing instructions, it is therefore recommended to use a soft detergent by testing it on a small hidden part of the bag.

Fourth, you should clean the stubborn spots beforehand. You can soak the bag in lukewarm water (do not use hot water or the color of the bag will fade) with a soft detergent. Most spots will be easily cleaned after 30 minutes. Please avoid using bleach, as this could cause irreversible damage to your bag. In addition, some bags are not suitable for pre -pairing, see the washing label for more details, and these types of bags can be wiped several times with soft wet wipes or brushes.Finally, you can remove the stain with a soft bristle brush while rinsing the backpack with hot water until the detergent residues are completely eliminated. Once all these steps are finished, you can wrap the backpack in a towel to absorb moisture and let it dry in the shade. Please note that some bags cannot be used in the dryer.Finally, here are some key points to help you better protect and clean your bags:
Prevention is always the best option
Wipe the outside regularly and suck the inside of your bag.
Test your detergent before using it, never use a strong detergent.
Consult the details of the washing label before cleaning
Do not forget to clean the zippers and the fillings
Do not put your bag in the washing machine.
Remember to use a UV lamp to kill bacteria and viruses.
Use a rain cover for your bag in case of bad weather.
The above method applies to most bagsmart bags, including computer bags, backpack bags, toiletries, etc. We hope that our advice can help you, and again, please refer to the washing label before cleaning your favorite bags.


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