Discover the Bagsmart selections for your perfect and practical SS2022 trip

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The world finally begins to reopen after two years of restrictions. We know that you were exhausted to be locked up and to be able to travel only in your dreams or on the screen. It is finally time to update your routine program and plan your exciting trips to near or distant places, but wherever you decide to go, you will need travel bags to prepare for a pleasant travel experience .

Bagsmart thought in advance of some of the disadvantages of the trip and recommends the following bags to help you enjoy your trip by spending as little time as possible to organize your belongings.

The Place Gain Toilet Kit



This is the best -selling toilet bag, and this suspended and foldable machine can really contain everything. With different compartments with transparent windows, it is very easy for you to pack all your products without mixing anything. Equipped with a metal hook, this exquisite bag can hang and extend to accommodate all your necessary items and gain space wherever you are.

Universal cable organizer



This organizer is designed to keep all your technologies tidy in one place, easily. It has enough space to contain several load cables, power banks and adapters, as well as smaller elements such as SD or SIM cards. Equipped with zipper pockets, net compartments and elastic curls to prevent your cords from getting tangled, this functional and versatile organizer is ideal for travel. It closes entirely using a zipper and is the size of a small book, even when it is fully excited.

Anniston camera backpack



Backpack for light, but solid camera, designed to last a lifetime. Customizable compartments can contain almost everything you need for your photographic trips. This versatile bag can protect your cameras safely thanks to its waterproof canvas and its rain cover. So you don't have to worry that rainy days can damage your cameras.

Zoraesque tote



If you are planning a short trip, our zoraesque tote is the ideal choice for you. Thanks to its great capacity, you can take everything you need, while the suspenders are flexible and comfortable so that you do not get tired after having worn it for a long time.

Tell us what you think while commenting below, we will also continue to update other functional bags to help you travel more easily and more intelligently.

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