We are launching a collection of women's bags!

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After several days of hard work of the team, we have developed a new series of backpacks for women. We do not yet have much information to share, but trust us. There are many reasons to rejoice in this new collection. That said, here is a little overview of this new collection.

1. A simple and versatile design

The new series of Bagsmart women's backpacks adopts a simple design with a single color but a high -end fashion sense. They use glamorous colors like pink and simplistic colors like black.

2. The fabric is soft and comfortable.

We make sure that our bags are not only functional but also extremely comfortable. Flammed cotton is a new weaving process for all-cotton fabrics. It is soft, very breathable, stretching, absorbs moisture and has other characteristics that ordinary cotton tissues do not, like a comfortable fabric inside and outside the bag.

3. Plusic storage compartments

All our products are designed to be very functional, and of course, this collection is not different. There are several storage compartments inside the bag with enough space. The bags have enough compartments so that you can store all your things in order. There is also an independent e-zone space to protect your electronic products.

4.Grind capacity

Functionality and practical aspect are at the heart of Bagsmart. Each bag in this series has a large capacity, which can easily contain daily transport supplies such as umbrellas, kettles, books, etc. And is suitable for various scenarios such as work and school.

Are you impatient to see more? You will have to be patient! We will publish more information shortly. Follow us on Instagram @bagsmartbags to stay informed of Bagsmart news!

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