Backpack or bag, which laptop style is the most practical?

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Transporting your computers using a laptop PC bag is easy and practical. These bags are an excellent choice for people who travel a lot, such as researchers, employees and students. Laptop bags offer greater storage capacity as well as better adaptability. In addition, they are available in a wide range of shapes, colors and patterns for a personal style. Given the sums spent on computers, it is essential to transport them with care. Therefore, the most practical method for transporting a laptop is to use a bag designed for this purpose. Therefore, a portable PC bag is the most practical means.

But when buying a laptop bag, the question of whether you have to choose a backpack or a bag (shoulder bag) often arises. We are in the same petrin as those who argue to find out whether or not to use iOS, Android, Mac or Windows.

There is no indisputable winner between the document holders and the backpacks when it comes to transporting a laptop, but we can weigh the pros and cons of each of them to determine which one suits us the best. The following three factors are the most important. Also, here we offer some extraordinary bagsmart bags to choose.

 1.Storage capacity

In most cases, this is the first criterion to take into account when buying a laptop bag. Indeed, people on the go have many other things to transport in addition to their computer, whether students, workers or tourists. It is therefore essential to have a laptop bag offering enough space for all business. Many agree that a backpack is more practical in this case. It is true that a backpack, due to its extensible character, can contain more business.

However, nowadays, some thin briefcases are made in expandable materials that can offer a larger storage space. It is the result of both technological progress and a change in attitude of consumers in terms of purchase. Many travel briefs sold at Bagsmart are designed in this way.

From the bagsmart: The expandable design is reimagined in this spacious bag, whose minimalist silhouette is perfectly suited to daily use and excursions. This computer, solid and robust computer case is made of water -resistant polyester, has several storage sections for all daily needs and can safely accommodate computers up to 17.3 inches.


The level of comfort is another factor to take into account. By dividing the load between the two shoulders, the backpack will help its user to feel less overwhelmed. The bag, on the other hand, can only be worn on a single shoulder, across the body or by hand, which definitively adds to the load on the shoulder or hand. Therefore, a backpack is ideal for still in motion travelers or commuters over long distances.

However, stereotypes against backpacks persist. Many people mistakenly think that backpacks are reserved for students and tourists, while briefcases are used to give themselves more professional air.

Faced with these problems, Bagsmart offers an effective solution. On the one hand, we have adapted the suspenders of our bags so that even the most fervent lovers of bags can carry their bag all day effortless. On the other hand, for fans of backpacks, we have merged professional and travel objectives to develop models adapted to age and demography, which can be carried to any event and which reflect your own sense of style.

15.6 "Laptop backpack for women, for example, is a versatile and comfortable room that can give you a professional look for meetings and an elegant style for meetings. With the Bagsmart logo on the front, this padded laptop backpack is made in a robust and water -resistant polyester fabric. It also has a double -direction zipper for simple and easy access to your belongings. This backpack is also available in black and can contain a laptop up to 15.6 ".

15.6 “Thin bag for laptop 3. Protection

Most people are looking for a laptop bag that will allow them to protect their expensive computer. A bag is preferable in this case, because it is adapted to the dimensions of a laptop and offers additional security. On the other hand, a backpack is enormous in volume, although it has a compartment dedicated to a laptop, it has no additional security device.

Bagsmart has also changed its design accordingly. In order to prevent too many objects from falling into the laptop, most of our backpacks are created with many compartments. In addition, the laptop compartment is made in a flexible protective material and includes velcro loops which allow computers to be secured and ensure adequate protection.

Zoraesque elegant backpack 

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