New Yorker camera backpack

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As photographers ourselves, we know what is essential. The backpack for camera must be able to contain all the equipment of the device as well as other items. In addition to that, the backpack should be elegant.

This is why we created the New York camera backpack. We could no longer be ordinary backpacks for cameras available on the market. Most backpacks for cameras were not practical or not at all elegant. What is a practical backpack for if you don't like your style?

The New York Camera Backpack is the favorite backpack of many photographers. You can easily convert the backpack into a digital reflex bag. In addition, the backpack is made from water -repellent materials, which means that you do not have to fear that the rain infiltrates and damages your equipment! And the backpack is very comfortable. We added a shoulder pad for more support and comfort. We have also taken care to add additional compartments to store your laptop, wallet, phone and other personal effects.

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