How to become a digital nomad?

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Recently, the subject of digital nomads has gained more and more attention and popularity at the same time. In the past two years in particular, remote work and digital nomadism have become a norm under the terrible influence of Covid's pandemic. People have a more stable attitude towards this work mode, while the appearance and development of a large number of digital telework tools and methods have provided more substantial technical support to this mode.

If the epidemic has taught us something in recent years, it is because life is too short and there is too much to explore in this world. The good news is that the impact of the epidemic seems to be much less at present, and that many countries are slowly starting to reduce, even to lift, restrictions. It is therefore possible to work remotely in a brand new place or even in different countries.

Obviously, there are also many people who do not understand digital nomads or who only know that it is a trendy subject. This concept has actually existed for a long time and has inspired Bagsmart to provide elegant and functional bags for the work and travel of digital nomads. We also have a number of employees who work remotely from Paris, Los Angeles and other places. If you too want to become a digital nomad, then listen to our advice.

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What is a digital nomad?

If you know teleworking, this concept will be easy to understand. Digital nomads are "up -to -date" telework workers because they work more liberal and diversified. They can work in a cafeteria or in any city in the world. They can constantly go from one country to another, work while experimenting and enjoying a different living environment. In general, digital nomads work remotely from anywhere. Of course, all of this must be based on the availability of wifi and teleworking tools.

There are many benefits of being a digital nomad. First, this mode is flexible insofar as you can choose to live in a city where the cost of living is lower and save a significant sum of money; You can also go to cooler places in summer and work in warmer regions in winter. Second, you can move away from the boring working environment of the office and go to various places to discover culture, meet new friends and expand your horizons. Finally, and above all, you will be more creative by doing what you like.

As there are two sides with each medal, this mode also has some drawbacks. Changing frequently region means moving constantly and looking for a new place or a new country to live. In a new place, you may have to endure a period of isolation for a while, and you will also have to stay in permanent contact with the local authorities to obtain proof of residence. All of these factors can make you less productive.

In our opinion, these drawbacks are insignificant and can be overcome. It is of course up to you to assess and decide. You can first try this way of working in different places on your own city to see if it meets your expectations.

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How to become a digital nomad? Here are our tips for you ...

Choose your nomadic work remotely
If you already have a job and your business accepts that you work remotely, it is absolutely the best. But you should know that a digital teleworker and nomadic remain two different concepts. Maintaining a balance with travel is much more complex than at home. You must make sure that you can reach this balance on the road to facilitate your digital nomadic status.

If you are currently looking for a job, you can choose from the following careers: blogging, youtubers, customer service, accounting, design, edition, digital freelancers .... These jobs will have more freedom, you can do Work your nomad from anywhere. You can also choose other jobs, but in any case, you must choose according to your own interests, your skills and the possibility of working online.

You must always remember that income is the basis that allows you to travel and enjoy your life. This is why we insist from the start on the balance between life and work. After having become a digital nomad, you can reduce unnecessary expenses such as gym costs, membership fees for stores, etc. These services will not be valid in your new city. If you can make sure you have enough credit on your bank account to live in another city or other country for a few months, it's better.

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Some factors you need to be careful
Taxes: different countries have different tax policies for digital nomads. You must know these policies (both in your country of origin and in your destination country) and know if you have to fill out a tax return, otherwise you may see fines, or even more sanctions severe.

Insurance: travel is an exciting thing, but they are also part of life. Even if we don't want this to happen, we fall sick and can have accidents while traveling. This is why it is necessary to take out insurance for digital nomads. You can also go to your local insurance agency and ask if there are more specialized insurance programs for digital nomads.

Accommodation: Booking and Airbnb are two of the best options! The choice of your accommodation is important and it will affect your life and work experience for the next two months or more. Choose relatively calm, but historical districts, and avoid unofficial neighborhoods ... You can get more information in local forums.

Rescue emergency plans: It is a wise choice to design an emergency emergency plan for yourself, because you do not know if something unexpected will happen on the path of your adventure. You can put aside an emergency reserve and establish your own emergency contacts for maximum protection.

Unlock your phone: the different countries have different mobile operators, so it's a good idea to unlock your phone before leaving abroad to use it in another country.Bagsmart the Digital Nomad Camera Bag
Devices and equipment
Mobile phones, computers, data cables, SD cards, networks and other electronic devices are essential. Without digital nomadic technology, you will find it difficult to carry out your work. Likewise, some software, such as VPN, Google Docs, etc., can help you work more efficiently and sail on websites in different countries. If you are an employee of a company, you must also know the teleworking tools used by the company.

A good bag is just as important. Did you know that Bagsmart is committed to providing digital nomads with better quality and more functional bags, including the Bagsmart changing bag, the Bagsmart tote, the Bagsmart backpack, the Bagsmart laptop backpack , the elegant backpack for Bagsmart camera, the electronic organizer Bagsmar, etc. Our products are studied in the smallest details to guarantee their adaptability and modularity. Each seam and each pocket in or on a bagsmart bag has its function and is placed for intuitive and fast access. We do our best to make the transition from the life of a digital nomad to professional life (vice versa) more natural and more fluid for you thanks to our know-how and to save you time to discover and redefine the essence of life and the world.
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    Where to go ?
    Although your goal in another country is to work and travel, your visa remains a tourist visa. For some countries, the work of digital nomads is a gray area, so most digital nomads respond to tourists to avoid unnecessary troubles when customs question them about their identity.

    Some countries provide visas for remote work, such as Georgia, Croatia, Estonia, etc. Some countries do not have the appropriate visa, but the cost of living is low enough and the travel experience is excellent for it to be worth it, for example Thailand, Hungary, Spain, etc.
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      Join a community of digital nomads
      Joining part of the Digital Nomad community will allow you to receive relevant information more quickly and better advice. You can also find partners sharing the same interests within the community to travel with them. There are a lot of experienced and professional global nomads in these communities that can help you better explore and develop new countries and also share certain important policies with you.

      In conclusion, in the post-epidemic era, teleworking will retain its heat, and work as a digital nomad will become more and more attractive. While you try this new way of working and living, don't forget to optimize your personal protection and provide emergency plans for bad scenarios. Bagsmart respects everyone's choice, and we will continue to develop products adapted to modern digital nomads to help you better travel between countries or cities, by offering you a more thoughtful and more effortless lifestyle and work.
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